Bruce Brown


In this episode, Professor Ricardo Loução talks with Bruce Brown, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University of Brighton and a Professor of Design. Brown is an Editor of Design Issues Research Journal and he is a design researcher interested in the social and cultural effects of visual memory.

During this conversation, Brown shares his thoughts about Meaning in Design, Design as a human capacity, Ethics and Design as a political process.


Guest: Bruce Brown
Research: Inês Antunes, Vanessa Improta and Ricardo Loução
Final script: Ricardo Loução
Host: Ricardo Loução
Coordinator: Emília Duarte
Editor: Hugo Rocha
Branding and Graphic Design: Hugo Rocha and Davide Gambera
Producers: Emília Duarte, Hugo Rocha, and Davide Gambera
Music: Rui Gaio
Intro and Final Voice: Catia Peres
Interview recorded in:  May 28th, 2019