Johan Redström


In this episode, professor Rodrigo Ramirez talks with Johan Redström, Professor in Design at Umeå Institute of Design, from Umeå University in Sweden, and researcher in areas such as emerging technologies and traditional materials, design and sustainability and more recently reconceptualisations of ‘things’ in light of new digital forms of making and using. His most recent books are “Making Design Theory” and “Changing Things: The future of objects in a digital world”, together with Heather Wiltse.

During this conversation, Redström talks about the shifts in the design field, philosophy of technology, research and what he believes to be the contemporary foundations to design education. 


Guest: Johan Redström
Research: Rodrigo Ramirez
Final script: Rodrigo Ramirez
Host: Rodrigo Ramirez
Coordinator: Emília Duarte
Editor: Hugo Rocha
Branding and Graphic Design: Hugo Rocha and Davide Gambera
Producers: Emília Duarte, Hugo Rocha, and Davide Gambera
Music: Rui Gaio
Intro and Final Voice: Catia Peres