Jamie Brassett


In this episode, Professor Sara Gancho, talks with Jamie Brassett, a Reader in Philosophy, Design and Innovation. Jamie also lectures and writes in the areas of philosophy, innovation management and design. He has worked with brands such as LEGO, P&G and Nike Lab.

During this interview Jamie shares his thoughts on Philosophy as a creative practice, Design as a matter of concern and how he is constantly inspired by his children


Guest: Jamie Brassett
Research: Craig Colin Jeffcott, Demerval Gomes Sandim Junior, Janayna  Cruz Ibiapina, Manuela Lorenzon Gastal, Mariana Schmidt de Oliveira, Nuno Bernardo, Pedro Miguel Alegria Duarte, Rodney Schunck, and Silvania de Souza Araújo.
Final script: Sara Gancho
Host: Sara Gancho
Coordinator: Emília Duarte
Editor: Hugo Rocha
Branding and Graphic Design: Hugo Rocha and Davide Gambera
Producers: Emília Duarte, Hugo Rocha, and Davide Gambera
Music: Rui Gaio
Intro and Final Voice: Catia Peres

Interview recorded on January 18th, 2019.